Hanoi: Scam $40,000 to apply for a project

Information from the authorities in Hanoi, a man named Nguyen Dinh Thuy, 46 years old, was arrested for fraudulently appropriating money.

This person boasted of having a good relationship at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, after that, this person received $ 40,000 to run an irrigation project and then appropriated this money.

Thuy, residing in Dai Kim ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi, was prosecuted and detained by the Hanoi police to investigate the crime of fraud and appropriation of property.

According to the initial investigation, in 2018, Thuy accepted to help a man in applying for a project.

He promised to be able to apply for two projects to repair and upgrade the North Nam Hai and Bac Nam Ha irrigation systems.

Hanoi detective – He gives the running cost of each project $20,000.

Thuy said that 10 days after receiving the money, she will lead the business owner to the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and the investor for instructions on submitting the bid.

He promised that if after 10 days things did not go well, he would return the money.

Thuy has twice received the full $40,000, but scammed this amount.

Vietnam detective – The case is collected by a private detective service company in Vietnam 2022.