Investigate the woman who runs the lottery line

According to the investigative agency in Nghe An, the woman named Dinh Thi Chung, 54 years old, is accused of leading a ring to record lotteries.

The transaction amount in this lottery line is more than 100 billion VND.

This woman resides in Vinh City, Vietnam, she and 9 people are being investigated by the Criminal Police Department for gambling behavior.

Ms. Chung has two previous convictions for gambling.

According to the investigating agency, the line is divided into 3 levels of agents to organize and operate.

Daily transaction amount ranges from 800 to 1.7 billion VND, transactions are transferred to bank accounts.

Agents must regularly change phone numbers and social media accounts.

The total transaction amount of this lottery line is about 110 billion VND;

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, private detective in Vietnam