Investigate those who beat the train guard

Newsletter of private detective service in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Da Nang police are investigating a clip of a group of young people attacking a guard guarding a train.

The police are investigating the case of a train guard being assaulted by a group of people in Da Nang.

Scene of a group of young people assaulting the guards guarding Xuan Ha train KM789 + 524 on Ha Huy Tap street, Danang.

The youth group consisted of about 3 people punching and kicking the guards, Danang detective service

A young man in a yellow shirt picked up stones from the railway tracks and hit the victim in the head.

Witnessing the incident, many people intervened, but this group of people did not stop.

The incident happened on the evening of February 19, 2023 and the leader of the Chinh Gian ward police station invited relevant parties to work.

Police are investigating and handling according to regulations in Da Nang, Vietnam, private detective service agency