The woman who organized the Chinese illegal entry was arrested

Trang, a native of Hai Phong Vietnam, was arrested for detention on charges of organizing illegal entry for others, Phu Yen police informed. Nguyen Anh Tuan, 35 years old, was also charged with the same charges but was released on bail.

On December 28, 2020, Phu Yen police checked a passenger car carrying 17 people, running on Highway 1 in a north-south direction. At this point, a Chinese man fled to the mountain in hiding, who is currently not found. The remaining 8 Chinese people do not have papers to enter Vietnam, they are sent to the quarantine area to investigate.

The Chinese said they wanted to do business in Cambodia. They contacted a number of people via social networks to cross the border into Vietnam, went to the Hai Phong bus station to enter Ho Chi Minh City, then continued to go to Cambodia, on the way, they were discovered.

These people were fined 4 million VND each case for their acts of crossing the national border without carrying out immigration or immigration procedures as prescribed, they were deported back to their country.

According to the investigation, Trang played a key role in the case – detective in Vietnam:

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