Prosecuting 8 to protect An Thoi port, Phu Quoc

According to information from the investigation/ detective agency in Phu Quoc city, Vietnam about the incident at An Thoi port.

The guards at An Thoi port, Phu Quoc city were accused of disturbing public order at An Thoi port, Phu Quoc city.

On April 30, 2023, the authorities decided to prosecute the case, after 3 days the security guard clashed with the small business, injuring three people.

Phu Quoc detective agency – Namas An Thoi Company won the contract to operate An Thoi port with nearly 50 years of exploitation time.

Small businesses reacted because the rental price of the space, parking the canoe is high, the cost is much higher than before.

Namas An Thoi Company let the security guard release the goods of small traders and a scuffle occurred on the afternoon of April 26, 2023.

Currently, this company has applied toll collection, but has paused to talk with small traders.

The serious case in An Thoi, Phu Quoc is continuing to be investigated and clarified.

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