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Officer prosecuted for smuggling firecrackers

Information from the investigation agency/ private detective agency in Ha Tinh province, Vietnam. A female officer in Ha Tinh was caught in the act of illegally selling firecrackers and explosives. In this case, the material seized was more

Man and woman arrested with guns & drugs

Information from the investigating agency, a man named Nguyen Minh Trung, 42 years old and a woman, were arrested. The man carrying a gun along with the woman who transported a lot of drugs from Binh Duong to

Kontum: Arrest of methamphetamine transporter

Information from the investigative police agency of Kon Tum province, Vietnam, Vietnamese private detectives. The functional forces of Ngoc Hoi district have just arrested Ha Van Hoa, 38 years old, residing in Po Y commune, Ngoc Hoi district,

Arrest the man who robbed a gold shop in HCMC

Information from the investigation agency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, private detectives/investigators in Vietnam. Nguyen Van Tien went into the gold shop, he pretended to ask to buy a gold chain, then snatched it and ran away.

Find the person who hit the car with 5 people

Information from the investigation agency in Ha Long, Vietnam, Vietnam detective agency. The police agency is actively searching for the male driver who crashed the car into 5 people. This person was accused of deliberately rushing into a

Arresting a young man with 2 convictions

Information from the police investigation agency of Bac Kan province, Vietnam. This agency has just discovered and arrested a young man with 2 wanted decisions on the charge of “abusing trust to appropriate property”. On January 14, Bac

Ninh Thuan: Young men robbed girls for money

A man named Sam Van Nhip, 27 years old, was taken into custody. This person is accused of stopping cars, stealing money from girls on empty roads. Tweezers was detained for robbery under Article 168 of the Penal

Distributing the ex-girlfriend’s sensitive video

Information from the investigation agency in Buon Ma Thuot city, Vietnam. The young man, Ta Tan Cuong, 33 years old, took over his email and Facebook accounts and created an account named after the girl, who is an

The task force arrested the thief in Binh Duong

Information from the investigation agency in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong province, Vietnam. Thu Dau Mot City Police issued a decision to temporarily arrest Pham Thanh Trung, 38, to investigate property theft. Because he did not have money

Young people steal money on Christmas Eve

A man named Duong Duc Dung, accused by the authorities of taking advantage of Christmas Eve, broke into the house and took away 120 million VND. Dung, 39 years old, residing in Tan Lam Huong commune, was held

Caught 86 scammers to withdraw money HCM

Information from authorities, investigative agencies in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnamese detective agency. On December 28, 2022, the Police of Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City and the Department of Cyber Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention, simultaneously

Investigate the woman who runs the lottery line

According to the investigative agency in Nghe An, the woman named Dinh Thi Chung, 54 years old, is accused of leading a ring to record lotteries. The transaction amount in this lottery line is more than 100 billion

Arrest 4 people transporting drugs to Da Nang

Information from the investigative agency, the police of Da Nang city, Vietnam, private detectives in Danang Vietnam. Authorities have arrested four people for selling illegal drugs, Vietnam detective. In this case, the police seized more than 4,000 pills

Driver resists traffic police orders in Vinh Phuc

Information from the investigating agency in Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam, Vietnamese detectives. The person named Nguyen Van Lam, 47 years old, has been detained. This person violated the alcohol content while driving a car, knocking the traffic police

The couple robbed the phone in HCM city

Information from the Criminal Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department. This agency is holding Kim Hoang and My Anh, Hoang’s wife, living in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, to investigate the act

Woman trading land with budget money

Information from authorities in Dong Nai, Vietnam, Vietnam private detective agency. The woman, a 39-year-old chief accountant named Bui Thi Ngoc Yen, was arrested. This person is the chief accountant of the Land Fund Development Center in Dinh