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Young man robbed a motorbike in HCM City

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – A young man named Nguyen Binh An, 27 years old, was arrested. An rented a motorbike taxi, then suddenly threw chili sauce on the driver’s face, attacked and robbed

Fighting after drinking in Da Nang City

Information from authorities in Da Nang, Vietnam – Da Nang City Court sentenced: Nguyen Phan Lam for 10 years, Nguyen Tan Tai for 8 years and 6 months, and Ngo Van Hu for 8 years for murder. Around

Hanoi: Scam $40,000 to apply for a project

Information from the authorities in Hanoi, a man named Nguyen Dinh Thuy, 46 years old, was arrested for fraudulently appropriating money. This person boasted of having a good relationship at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, after

Arrest the girl to organize drug use in Hanoi

According to the plan of the authorities in Hanoi, Vietnam. Unexpectedly checking the Heyo Club bar in Hanoi, the police discovered drugs. A quick test at this bar, showed that 23 people were positive for stimulants. In this

Discovered 3 people about to cross the border

Information from the police agency of Phuoc Binh commune, Tay Ninh, Vietnam. This agency checked administratively a motel, discovered 3 people residing in the northern provinces are temporarily staying here with suspicious signs. Three people in the incident

Arresting 2 young men stealing in Quang Ninh

Information from authorities in Quang Ninh, Vietnam – Two young men named Pham Dinh Hoang, 26 years old and Do Hoang Dong, 23 years old were arrested. Vietnamese detective – These two people broke into and stole property

Motorcycle crash broke police leg in Da Nang

Information from authorities from Da Nang, Vietnam – A young man named Pham Minh Tan drove a motorbike into the 911 police force, because he was asked to stop the car due to a traffic violation. The Criminal

Woman beaten by ex-husband in Hanoi

Information from authorities in Hanoi, Vietnam – The police of Xuan Tao ward, Hanoi, have received a complaint from a woman named H. 31 years old, from Thanh Hoa. Ms. H.’s family said that Ms. H. and her

Arrest the robber at the store in HCM city

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – The Criminal Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, in coordination with the District 12 Police, is investigating the case. On September 11, a young man

Assaulting girlfriend because of jealousy

Newsletter of private detective service in Vietnam, the incident happened in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. The man, named Le Trong Nhac, was prosecuted and detained for three months to investigate the act of beating his girlfriend, stripping her clothes

Sentenced to 7 years in prison for corruption

The court in Ho Chi Minh City sentenced defendant Bui Thi Thanh Trang, accountant of the Ho Chi Minh City Medical Assessment Center, to a 7-year prison sentence for embezzlement of property. Medical Assessment Center is a unit

Two young men stole SH motorbikes in Hanoi

Information from the authorities in Hanoi, the police of Cau Giay district, Hanoi have prosecuted Vu Van Hung and Nguyen Van Thanh for theft of property. According to the investigation, the police team was on duty at Nguyen

Scam money of job applicants in Da Nang

Information from authorities in Da Nang, Vietnam – The man named Van Huu Tuong, 35 years old, claims to have close relationships with many leaders in Da Nang city. This person received money to run jobs and buy

Pretend to buy a ring and then rob it

Information from the authorities in Binh Duong Vietnam, the girl named Nguyen Thu Thao, 23 years old, went to the gold shop and tried on two gold rings, then stole the gold ring and ran away. Thao walked

Jailed for allowing Koreans to stay illegally

Information from Da Nang, Vietnam – The woman named Dang Thuy Diem, 41 years old, was prosecuted in Da Nang. Diem knows the Korean man without a passport or visa but still rents out a room. The People’s