Due diligence in Vietnam – PI Vietnam Co., Ltd has been operating in Vietnam since 2010, operating under the enterprise law in Vietnam. The experts at PI Vietnam are 100% Vietnamese, qualified and experienced in handling business-related cases.

Vietnam business screening services/ due diligence service in Vietnam: Providing consulting services, providing and searching for information and evidence. Due diligence and business screening services for companies and organizations in Vietnam.

We are 100% Vietnamese experts. We understand the law, business environment, issues and businesses in Vietnam.

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We provide due diligence services in Vietnam based on our reputation, customers fully trust when working and using our services in Vietnam, due diligence and business screening services for individuals & businesses


PI Vietnam has a team of leading experts in Vietnam, 100% Vietnamese. Committed to handling everything quickly and efficiently. Our advantage is to solve the work on time as committed with customers in all cities


PI Vietnam Co., Ltd operates effectively based on scientific working methods and experienced staff. We provide due diligence and business screening services at reasonable prices to our customers in Vietnam


1. Articles of incorporation, operating charter
2. Corporate bylaws and any amendments
3. Shareholders, shares, registered capital, business registration license, company headquarters, offices address, registered business lines…
4. Certificate of good standing
5. List of subsidiaries and any other entities in which the company has an equity interest (i.e. partnerships and joint venture agreements)
6. All jurisdictions where the company is authorized to conduct business, its branches, offices…
7. Any documents relating to reincorporation or restructuring of the company.
8. Business plan (executive summary, market analysis and plan, operational plan and complete financials)

1. Personal information check (ID, full name, residential address), information related to a particular individual.
2. Business ownership (with shareholding/directorship info)
3. Local media review (business track records/ past employment/ adverse information)
4. Litigation/ Bankruptcy checks
5. Social media checks
6. Political connections
7. Open source searches (sanction list, wanted list etc)
8. Source reputation inquiries (3 each)
9. Site visit & discreet enquiries (office, factory, location)
10. Company financial statements
11. Asset searches (property, cars…)
12. Deep web and dark web searches
13. Other information related to the business

Vietnam due diligence services – Examines general records and the business plan to understand the corporate structure and standing of a company. This broad initial step sets the stage for the more in-depth and targeted due diligence investigation.


Due diligence service – PI Vietnam provides due diligence investigation services when clients are considering:
– Buying a company or investing in a company, intend to cooperate or buy goods.
– Warehouse inspection, factory inspection, check in at an on-demand location, personnel check
– Signing contracts to buy products, equipment,… entering into trade contracts with a company

The due diligence process assesses the financial and legal position of a company or individual. We can provide business license, list of shareholders contributing capital, shares, identity papers of business registrants or other information.

Due diligence service agency in Vietnam – Customers need to verify the opinions of potential business partners to confirm the authorization to continue the proposed transaction. Risks may be encountered if due diligence is not carried out. Vietnam due diligence investigation service, includes the potential risk of acquiring, investing, capitalizing, or trading companies.

PI Vietnam provides due diligence reports tailored to the specific needs and budgets of each client and job requirements.

Due diligence service Vietnam – Vendor screening services – Business due diligence reports provide:
– Business license, list of shareholders, shares, tax reports, registration papers for business lines.
– Directorship details, information about shareholders, information about the location of operation…
– Company documentation (where legally available). Full worldwide media check.
– Due diligence investigation Vietnam, reputation check service – We contact companies, individuals, ex employees and colleagues etc. who are willing to provide a reputational overview of the company or associate.
– Vietnam business screening service: Service working directly at factories, companies… meeting via Zoom, Microsoft Team…
– Site visit with photographs, videos and information. We go to a designated location, a factory, office or warehouse to work on demand. Vietnam due diligence, We can act on your behalf directly or indirectly (if required) in all cities in Vietnam.


PI Vietnam operates on 100% local Vietnamese experts and investigators. Due diligence service, When you hire verification services in Vietnam, you are receiving real support directly from Vietnam. A team of qualified and experienced professionals who understand the business situation in Vietnam. We have support from state management agencies on business, tax…

We have a network in all cities in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang Khanh Hoa, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Kien Giang Phu Quoc , Bien Hoa, Binh Duong, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Can Tho… We are ready to do the job any time, any place, as soon as there is a service request of customer.

We also provide detective services, investigation services, information search. Committed to providing fast service, quality, reasonable price. We are qualified to provide all types of information services. Includes services: Business investigation, business due diligence, background check, personal investigation, counterfeiting, piracy, trademark and other services.

Due diligence is an in-depth background check of a business or individual before contracting, appointing a supplier. Or when our customers evaluate a target company or its assets for purchase or cooperation. Due diligence contributes to informed decision making by improving the quantity and quality of information available for consideration. Due diligence services in Vietnam help you better understand a business, company or a partner.


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PI Vietnam co., ltd is the investigative company dedicated to the principles of integrity, trust, discretion. Our staff is on duty to assist you 24 hours a day for emergencies, and to confidentially answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Comprehensive Services

Use business due diligence service in Vietnam when Customer needs to know the truth about any company, potential employee, corporation (Business screening service/business investigation service), partner.

Due diligence in Vietnam – The experts at PI Vietnam have the knowledge, experience and use of modern technology and resources to ensure our clients receive the most complete, accurate and timely information.

Business screening service – Prestigious business information service in Vietnam, we are committed to accompanying customers before and after using the service.


Due diligence investigation in Vietnam – We are a company legally operating in Vietnam under corporate law. Providing appraisal services in all provinces in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bien Hoa, Binh Duong, Long An, Da Nang, Quang Nam….

The Privacy Policy covers all relevant information and is provided by the customer. Information will be confidential and stored in a safe place. Secure by using information technology tools to control access to such information.

Due diligence service provider – Due diligence and business screening services in Vietnam – Information will be stored for an appropriate period of time, which may be completely deleted after handing over the information. We are ready to sign an NDA agreement to ensure that the Customer’s information, all information will be committed to absolute confidentiality.


Due diligence Vietnam - PI Vietnam provides prestigious and transparent company due diligence and investigation services. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to meet your service requirements in Vietnam. Using the business appraisal service at PI Vietnam means that you get direct support from the Vietnamese.



We are a legal company, have a license to operate in Vietnam, have solved more than 3000 cases for individuals and organizations. We always strive to provide efficient – transparent service, quickly solve the customer’s problems at an appropriate cost.

  • Our team are local Vietnamese realize that every client and case is different, and handle each and every one with the same level of precision that delivers results within expected timelines.
  • We are knowledgeable about culture, lifestyle and terrain, enabling us to effectively handle customer requests. We have strengths in finding information and finding evidence, looking for a person, an asset…
  • Confidentiality is the most important ethic of investigation services in Vietnam and when you are working with us, you can rest assured that your case and all its details will be totally secure with us.
  • We have gained rich experience and knowledge, which has actually given us an intuitive sense that helps us quickly understand cases and suggest strategies, alternatives, work arounds.
  • We find that the people aspect is one of the most important skills when implementing work. Vietnam due diligence service, therefore, each project is handled on the basis of appropriate and scientific staffing.
  • Depending on the specific case, we will arrange one or more appropriate personnel to jointly handle the customer’s service request. We provide efficient due diligence services in all cities in Vietnam!

Due diligence in Vietnam, business due diligence service, due diligence service provider – PI Vietnam is committed to providing reliable appraisal services. Experts in Vietnam carry out investigations and appraisals on demand anytime, anywhere in Vietnam. 

We are committed to accurately respond to the requirements of the Customer in the fastest time. PI Vietnam does work everywhere in Vietnam, as soon as we receive Customer’s request. Due diligence investigation services in Vietnam, Do not hesitate to contact us now for live support in Vietnam!

Contact Us in Vietnam: (+84)935351313 – Email: vndetectives@gmail.com – Tel/Whatsapp/Zalo/Viber: (+84)935351313

Officer prosecuted for smuggling firecrackers

Information from the investigation agency/ private detective agency in Ha Tinh province, Vietnam. A female officer in Ha Tinh was caught in the act of illegally selling firecrackers and explosives. In this case, the material seized was more than 6kg of firecrackers, which is a prohibited act in Vietnam. The police informed that the unit

Man and woman arrested with guns & drugs

Information from the investigating agency, a man named Nguyen Minh Trung, 42 years old and a woman, were arrested. The man carrying a gun along with the woman who transported a lot of drugs from Binh Duong to Binh Thuan was stopped by the police. Trung (living in Dong Nai) and Ngo Thi Tuyet Nhung