9 drug users in Bac Ninh province Vietnam

Information from Colonel Nguyen Hong Vi – Chief of Police of Bac Ninh city in Vietnam said: Through reconnaissance, patrolling and control work, at dawn on the same day, the unit discovered at Dang Xuan Anh’s residence there were many Men and women are gathering and playing loud music.

Bac Ninh city police discovered 9 men and women including: Dang Xuan Anh, the owner of the house; Le Duc Son; Le Dinh Cuong; Nguyen Duc Uoc; Nguyen Dang Tuyen; Nguyen Thi Thu Nga; Vuong Thi Bich; Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen; Doan Thi Cam Nhien.

Authorities seized loudspeakers and disks containing white powder suspected to be synthetic drugs at this house. Conduct rapid testing of subjects with 8/9 of them positive for drugs.

Bac Ninh City Police are preparing a file to strictly handle those who are involved in the act of gathering in large numbers, not ensuring safety, and violating regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic. Investigate in Vietnam and clarify the behavior of each subject to handle violations related to drug use and possession.

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