Prosecuting police for drug use in Thanh Hoa

According to information from the authorities on May 28, 2020, the police investigation agency of Thanh Hoa province of Vietnam issued a decision to prosecute the accused, detain for 4 months, with 7 suspects to investigate. on the organization of illegal use of narcotics on May 28 that a group of 7 people have done before.

In this incident, a man named Hoang Van Dong, 37 years old, in Nam Ngan Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam was identified as the leader, former Lieutenant Thang and five others in a accomplice role. effort in this case.

Previously, when there was news, on May 22, 2020, Thang was stripped of the title of People’s Public Security by the Director of Thanh Hoa Police.

The incident occurred at about 1h on 21/5/2020, the police force planned to enter the mansion in Quang Cu ward, Sam Son city, discovered that 10 men and 6 women were using illegal substances. drug on the 3rd floor.

Quick test results showed that Thang and 13 people had a positive reaction to the drug.

On the afternoon of May 20, Dong asked to buy 8 synthetic drugs, then invited friends to the villa to bid him farewell to serving his sentence, the case is being investigated.

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Arresting male drug detainees in HCM Vietnam

According to information from the authorities, on the morning of May 25, 2020, the police officer was Major Nguyen Hoang Tam, commander of the Rach Chiec Traffic Police Team of Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police Department.

Ho Chi Minh and interdisciplinary team 363 under the Criminal Police, Ho Chi Minh City Police Maneuver Police, this agency completed the procedures of handing over object Nguyen Van Hoa born in 1995, living in Ho Chi Minh City, the case was transferred to Police in District 9 (Ho Chi Minh City) and evidence of 48 blue tablets suspected to be synthetic drugs, continue to investigate the case.

Detective service in Vietnam – Late at night on May 24, 2020, the 363 group conducted the patrol and administrative inspection as planned by the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department.

At the intersection of the High-Tech Park on the Hanoi Highway, the gateway from the provinces to and out of Saigon, in the area of ​​Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, in this case, the task force detected the driver of Hoan.

Wave with suspicious signals should prevent administrative inspection of this person, detective in Vietnam.

The mission team found that in the case of Hoan, there is a pack of 555 blue cigarettes, inside there is a plastic pack containing 48 blue tablets suspected of being synthetic drugs.

Hoan has 2 criminal convictions for illegal possession of narcotics, he admits that the above-mentioned material evidences are synthetic narcotics and are being detected and arrested on the way to transaction.

Arresting male drug detainees in HCM Vietnam – Police authorities are conducting an investigation to clarify the case – Vietnam detective website:

Getting deputy general manager of VEC Vietnam

According to information from the authorities, on May 11, 2020, the Investigation Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security (C03) issued a decision, prosecuted the accused, arrest warrant for detention, search warrant for Mr. Hao, a deputy director of VEC Vietnam, to investigate the crime of violating the regulations on construction with serious consequences, according to Article 298 of the 2015 Penal Code in Vietnam.

In this serious incident, Hao was charged with organizing the pre-acceptance test of the construction project of the Danang – Quang Ngai highway project (65km section) but this person and his colleagues did it in the wrong order not standard, design requirements.

This has led to unsatisfactory quality when exploited and used, causing very serious consequences, directly affecting road users as well as large losses of assets, Vietnamese detective.

The case of violating the regulations on construction has caused serious consequences at the Vietnam Expressway Development Investment Corporation, the Management Board of the Danang-Quang Ngai Expressway Project and related units, C03 was prosecuted against the accused, arrested Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh (former director of Project Management Unit), Ha Van Binh (former director of Package 7 Management Board).

Pham Dinh Phu (Deputy General Director of the Company), Phuong Thanh, Executive Director of Package 5) and Nguyen Thanh An (Deputy Director of Package 7) and nearly 10 others involved in this incident.

Vietnam private detective service – Authorities continue to investigate the behavior of the subjects.

Prosecuting inmates to kill deadly in Ba Ria Vung Tau

On May 10, 2020 – Le Hoang Quang, 21, was investigated for intentionally causing fatal injuries. Information from Colonel Phan Dang Ha, Chief of the police office investigating Ba Ria – Vung Tau Police said.

According to the investigation, on 4/5, Mr. Nguyen Quang Lap, 36 years old, from Binh Gia commune voluntarily came to the detention house of Chau Duc District Police Station to execute a 6-month prison sentence on gambling charges that this person had been sentenced before there – detective service in Vietnam.

On the afternoon of 7/5/2020, the offender was transferred to a room with Quang and 4 other men. Around 17:00 on the same day, when Quang came back from work, Lap asked loudly to open the door of the room “to go home to drink wine”, dissuaded him.

Quang beat Lap and Quang stopped his hand only when the officer in charge and sergeant Vu Dinh Phuc came.

Private Detective – After that, as usual when Quang took items for prisoners, Quang stole rubber sticks hanging from the salon chair in front of the cell, hiding them in his pants leg.

At about 21h, Repeatedly demanded, Quang kicked in the chest, took rubber sticks to beat continuously until the victim no longer reacted. Quang gave medicine, rubbed oil, Lap was found dead the next day.

Quang is serving a 3-year sentence for violating traffic safety regulations, which will be released in September.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau police is conducting an investigation to clarify the responsibility of the detention team to happen this serious incident, the Vietnamese detective service company.

Young men attacked taxi drivers to rob money

According to information from the authorities, the police office of Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam, at 21h40 on May 9, 2020, a 51-year-old taxi driver Vu Van Tuyen resides in Hai Ha district. stopped to pick up a young man named Viet.

Carrying out a plan to rob the taxi driver, Viet asked Mr. Tuyen to take him to Hai Yen ward, but then told him to go to the Km4 area.

When about 80 meters away from the cultural area of ​​Area 7, Hai Yen ward in the direction of Mong Cai to Hai Ha, Vietnam suddenly used a gourd and fruit knife to stab, slash the neck and driver of the Route, in order to cause injuries For drivers to rob money and property.

Mr. Tuyen resisted, struggled with the bandit, and escaped to chant thanks to the people for support against this dangerous bandit.

The surrounding people rushed to arrest them, but the bandit fled to the banks of the Vietnam-China border.

Upon receiving the news, the police of Mong Cai organized an examination of the scene and incident information to the border to coordinate the arrest of the thief. At 3h35 on 10/5, at the old road to Bac Son commune next to zone 7, Hai Yen ward, Mong Cai city police and people discovered that the suspect was walking to the border river, so they seized this person.

Police officials are continuing to investigate and clarify the behavior of this subject.

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Falling man robbed bags of lottery sellers

49-year-old Vu Cao Hoang Linh saw a woman selling lottery tickets walking along the road, he pretended to buy lottery tickets and pulled out a menacing knife, he robbed this person’s bag, including 700,000 VND and left run.

Linh, who lives in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, brought a knife and motorbike to Phuoc Hoi Commune, Dat Do District to see 52-year-old Tran Thi Thu Thuy selling lottery tickets along the way pretending to ask for tickets.

Vietnamese Detective – He looked at the ticket and returned it and asked Ms. Thuy to bring the bag she was carrying.

Ms. Thuy tried to resist this person’s behavior, not stopping there, Linh pulled the bag, the other hand hooked the handbag strap. His actions caused both of them to bleed with knives.

The suspect on the escape route threw a bag at the cajuput garden along the road after searching for an amount of 700,000 VND.

Upon receiving the news, the police went on the pursuit of this person, on May 8, Linh was prosecuted and detained by Dat Do District police to investigate the act of asset robbery – detective service in Vietnam.

The man stole gold coins in Tien Giang Vietnam

A man named Phung from My Tho City, Vietnam made a plan to rob his property, he rode his motorbike to a motel in Tan My Chanh, My Tho City pretending to rent a room to stay at noon 6/5/2020.

The motel manager is 69-year-old Mr. Bieu, when he opened the door, he was suddenly knocked unconscious by Phung by a chair.

This person’s behavior is extremely dangerous, affecting the lives and health of the 69-year-old man, the Vietnamese detective service.

When this man fainted, Phung stole the 24K gold ring and 2 million of Mr. Buu and escaped from the scene.

Detecting the incident, the victim was taken to the emergency by neighbors in a state of head injury, affecting health.

Receiving the message, after the killer was hunted, only 5 hours later, the police discovered Phung was running a motorbike on Highway 1A, from My Thuan to My Tho City, so she chased and arrested this person.

Phung, after being released from prison because of no stable job, this person owed money to others so he planned to rob property and earn money to spend.

He gets 11 million VND, along with the money robbed, he paid off the debt and spent. Vietnam Detective – Police agencies are continuing to investigate the behavior of this person.

Two groups of young people fighting in Binh Dinh

According to information from the authorities, on 5/5/2020, information from the police office of Quy Nhon city of Binh Dinh Vietnam said that this agency had prosecuted and arrested 11 subjects that were young people concerning the case of two groups using knives and shooting guns to cause riots in Bui Thi Xuan ward on the night of March 25, 2020, to investigate the acts of causing public disorder, the condemnable behavior of the two groups of bars year – investigation services in Vietnam.

Quy Nhon city police said the first group in Tran Quang Dieu ward was headed by Nguyen Hoang Hai with four subjects: Vo Minh Hoang, Nguyen Xuan Niem, Le Cong Cuong and Nguyen Long Vu.

Confronted with the second group in Bui Thi Xuan ward led by Nong Van Phu with 5 subjects: Tran Van Dong, Nguyen Thanh Cong, Vo Huu Trung, Ngo Ngoc Duy, Ho Cong Minh.

These two groups of young people have conflicts with each other, so they used Zalo to make an appointment to fight on the night of March 25 at a graveyard in Bui Thi Xuan ward, carrying cauliflower, machete …

2 groups shouted at each other, opened fire and caused riots in the graveyard area, causing many people to panic, causing serious insecurity in the locality.

An object was hit by bullets in the head, so the companions had to be rushed to the emergency room immediately, the incident only stopped when someone was seriously injured.

Quy Nhon city police continues to clarify and arrest relevant people and law violators will be severely punished before the law.

Investigation service company in Vietnam 2020.

Serious homicide in Dak Nong – Vietnam

According to information from the authorities, the police of Gia Nghia City, Dak Nong Province, Vietnam, said that this unit is still organizing the search of the scene, investigating the murder case, causing one death and the case. Extremely serious happening locally.

At about 10:30 am on May 4, 2020, two drivers of Viet Duc taxi company parked their guests in front of the gate of Dak Nong General Hospital, Nghia Trung ward, Gia Nghia city, Vietnam. Detective service in Vietnam.

There was a group of passengers who asked for the price of the car, between driver A. A.Dd was born in 1977, resident of Nghia Trung ward and driver Tran Minh Tai (SN 1975, resident of Nghia Phu ward, fierce conflict occurred.

Talent stabbed him with knife D. severely injured him, the people took Mr. Đ. Go to the emergency hospital. Due to severe injuries, the victim died shortly thereafter, Tai surrendered to the police.

Police are continuing to investigate and detect – Vietnamese detectives.

Prosecuting the man who reported fake news Covid19

According to information from the authorities, the man named Nguyen Hoai Nam, 44 years old, informed the authorities that he repeatedly posted “Vietnam had died of Covid-19” because he wanted to be cared for by others. mind to me.

The act of giving false news confuses public opinion, affecting the psychology of many people.

In this case, Nam was issued a decision by the Police of Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam, to prosecute the accused for bringing or illegally using computer and telecommunication network information under Article 288 of the 2015 Penal Code.

In Vietnam, Nam is allowed on bail but prohibited from leaving his place of residence – Vietnamese detective.

To ensure legal proceedings with this person, the investigating agency is conducting mental examination procedures with this defendant.

In mid-April, Nam used his social networking account, Facebook, continuously posted the content “Vietnam had the first death from Covid! According to sources, three Vietnamese died because of Covid-19 that the government hid”, this is untrue information that this person spontaneously created.

The police department is continuing to investigate the behavior of this person, Nam will be responsible before the law.

Detective service in Vietnam 2020.