Using fake guns to rob in Ho Chi Minh city

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – Vuong Van Danh, 36 years old, used a fake gun to rob property. Then he applied to rehab to hide.

After the incident, Ho Chi Minh City police focused on investigating and searching.

On June 29, 2022, Danh was escorted from the Binh Duong rehabilitation center to the Binh Chanh District Police, Ho Chi Minh City, for the agency to clarify the robbery.

Ho Chi Minh detective – Danh told the police, because he needed money to spend, he intended to rob property.

Realizing his intention, he bought a fake gun for 40,000 VND, picked up the knife on the road.

Danh arrived in front of Ms. Thuy’s house, 38 years old, in Binh Hung commune, Danh saw the door open, so he looked and went in.

Danh attacked the woman and then took 10 rings, rings, and money from the victim and then fled the scene.

He sold the gold for 13 million dong, then went to the rehab center in Thuan An city, Binh Duong, registered to apply for drug rehab.

Vietnamese detectives – After investigation, the police arrested him, the case continues to be investigated and clarified, Vietnam detective service agency 2022.

Two people detained for drug trafficking

Information from authorities in Nghe An, Vietnam said that Nghe An Provincial Police are holding criminally two subjects Cao Dang Hong and Vuong Nhat Minh.

Authorities conduct an investigation into illegal drug trafficking.

Detectives in Vietnam – On June 25, in Nghe An, the police coordinated, investigated and arrested two subjects Cao Dang Hong and Vuong Nhat Minh for illegal drug trafficking.

Exhibits include 1kg of meth, 6,000 pills of synthetic drugs, a military gun, 10 bullets, a motorbike and 4 mobile phones.

Hong is the owner of a bar in Da Nang, Cao Dang Hong often hooks up with a number of subjects in many provinces and cities to consume and supply methamphetamine and synthetic drugs.

PC04 Nghe An Provincial Police are holding criminally the above 2 subjects to continue investigating and expanding this serious case – Private detective service company in Vietnam.

85,000 liters of oil of unknown origin

Information from the functional forces in Vietnam – the force of the Command of the Coast Guard Region 3 inspected the ship with the number: TG 92008TS.

On this ship carrying 85,000 liters of DO oil, of unknown origin to the port of Squadron 301 in Vung Tau city, Vietnam.

On the afternoon of June 25, 2022, in the sea area about 110 nautical miles from Con Dao, the police discovered that the fishing boat number TG 92008TS had suspicious signs, so it was checked.

Private detective – Nguyen Ngoc Duc is the captain and the ship is transporting about 85,000 liters of DO oil.

This amount of oil does not have invoices or related papers to prove the origin of the goods.

The master and crew members do not have professional certificates in accordance with current regulations.

The Coast Guard made a record of administrative violations and brought the ship to the port for handling. Private detective service in Vietnam

Scam to take money over the phone in Hanoi

Information from the police agency of Son Tay town, Hanoi city, Vietnam. This agency is verifying and investigating the case of impersonating a police officer to fraudulently obtain money.

According to initial investigation information, Son Tay town police received a message from Ms. Dung (residing in Son Tay, Hanoi) about receiving a phone call from the recipient who is a police officer.

Hanoi detective – This person informed that Ms. Dung had an arrest warrant from the investigating agency and asked her to provide a bank account to serve the investigation.

This woman discovered that she had lost nearly a billion dong, so she went to the police station to report the incident.

According to Hanoi Police, many similar cases have happened, with victims not reporting to the police.

The above case is continuing to be investigated and clarified by the police agency, detective service in Vietnam, Vietnam detective agency:

Young man stealing from neighbor’s house

Information from authorities in Ba Ria Vung Tau, a young man named Chu Van Hung, 22 years old, broke into the house of the woman opposite.

Vietnam private detective, Vung Tau detective – He broke the safe and took away the amount of 335 million VND and many jewelry of this family.

Con Dao district police arrested and detained Hung for property theft under Article 173 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

According to the investigation of the authorities, Hung knew that the woman living opposite the motel room was absent, so he broke the door to steal the property.

Hung punched a safe to take 335 million VND, many necklaces, gold rings and then brought it to the motel room to hide.

Hung transferred 55 million VND to his account, the rest paid off many debts.

The victim reported, the police investigated, searched and discovered Hung, a private detective service company in Vietnam

Prosecution of female director fraud in HCMC

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Pham Thi Tuyet Nhung sought to buy large parcels of land with many uses, then divided the lot to cheat.

Nhung signed deposit contracts, paying part of the money. Then use many reasons to extend the payment term, not complete the transfer, transfer the land name.

After that, Nhung gave the designer, made a drawing, and divided the land into many plots in the form of residential land at the scale of 1/500. Construction of infrastructure, installation of electricity and water and offering for sale.

Nhung and her accomplices signed deposit contracts, sales contracts as representatives of Angel Lina Company, Royal Golden Land Company, collected money and scammed customers.

Vietnam investigation service – Investigation determined, Nhung and accomplices had set up 9 projects to perform fraud.

The projects are not real, have transferred 558 land plots to 413 individuals, currently appropriating the amount of 556 billion VND.

The defendants involved include: Ly Van Sinh, Kien Minh Tuan, Nguyen Ngoc Hoang are accomplices for Pham Thi Tuyet Nhung, Tran Thi My Hien.

During the investigation, Nhung did not sincerely declare, causing difficulties for the investigation.

Tran Thi My Hien is being treated for a disease according to the decision to apply compulsory medical treatment, so the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Bureau of Investigation has decided to temporarily suspend the investigation of the criminal case against the accused and decide to temporarily suspend the investigation. investigation of the accused.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified – Private detective service in Ho Chi Minh City, detectives in Vietnam

Seized 45,000 liters of waste oil in Nghe An

Information from authorities in Nghe An, Vietnam – About 45,000 liters of waste oil were discovered and stored in Nghia Trung commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province, Vietnam.

Vietnam Detective – This waste oil was seized by the police due to lack of valid papers.

Police raided an illegal waste oil recycling facility in Nghia Trung commune with an area of thousands of square meters.

Detected 20,000 liters of unrecycled waste oil; 25,000 liters of finished oil are prepared for consumption. All of these lubricants are undocumented.

The owner of the facility initially declared waste oil purchased at auto repair shops in Nghe An and surrounding areas.

From waste oil, this facility will process and sell to the market.

The case is under extensive investigation, private detective in Vietnam.

Police dismantle gambling house in Kien Giang

Information from the authorities in Kien Giang, Vietnam – According to the plan, the authorities suddenly inspected the orchard in Rach Gia city, Vietnam.

At the scene, the police caught 27 people gambling, fighting cocks for money, on the afternoon of June 8, 2022.

Private detective in Phu Quoc – Those arrested at the gambling house are taken to the police station for investigation and clarification.

According to the plan, after a long time of monitoring, Vinh Hiep Ward Police coordinated with Rach Gia City Police to raid the silver drive in the garden.

This place is in a discreet place, far from residential areas and has people guarding the road, guarding… to avoid detection by authorities.

Phu Quoc detective service – The players ran away when they saw the police force.

At the scene, the police seized more than 100 million VND and a series of exhibits.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified by the authorities, Vietnamese private detective agency in Vietnam

Taxi driver steals tourist’s visa card in Hanoi

Information from authorities in Hanoi, Vietnam – Taxi driver Vu Van Quan, 41, has been detained.

Police of Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam issued a decision on criminal detention to clarify the act of stealing property, private detective.

Nguyen Van Doc, 42 years old, was also detained to clarify the act of consuming property obtained by other criminals.

Taxi driver steals visa card

According to the report of tourists from Korea, around 4 am on May 29, he took a taxi from Luong Ngoc Quyen street, Hoan Kiem district to an apartment in Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

Hanoi detective service – During the move, he fell asleep in a taxi.

When he got home, he checked his wallet and discovered that he had lost 4 million dong.

He also lost a visa card, was paid in Hanoi the amount of 40 million.

Investigating the incident, the police summoned the driver Quan and the related person, Doc. These two people have been identified as the perpetrators of the incident.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified, Vietnamese detective.

Transporting drugs by ambulance in Nghe An

Information from authorities in Nghe An, Vietnam – Quy Hop district police, Nghe An district, Vietnam has issued a decision to temporarily arrest Phan Thanh Lam for transporting drugs.

In May 2022, scouts discovered a drug transport line from Que Phong to Quy Hop.

After that, the drugs are brought for consumption and transported to other localities. Phan Thanh Lam is said to be the leader of this line.

Reconnaissance discovered that Lam was using a private ambulance and a car driven by Lam to Yen Hop commune, Quy Hop, Nghe An, Vietnam, and the armed police tightened the siege.

Suspect Lam was controlled, the evidence was collected, a cake of heroin and related evidences. The case is still under investigation.

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