Arresting 2 young men stealing in Quang Ninh

Information from authorities in Quang Ninh, Vietnam – Two young men named Pham Dinh Hoang, 26 years old and Do Hoang Dong, 23 years old were arrested.

Vietnamese detective – These two people broke into and stole property at the worker’s residence at dawn.

Police information said that Hoang and Dong were identified as the perpetrators of stealing assets including: 10 laptops, two mobile phones in Hung Thang ward on August 11, 2022.

Investigating the case, from June to September 8, 2022, Hoang and Dong stole many laptops, desktop computers, construction materials and equipment.

Hoang and Dong rented a car, covered the number plate, moved to the workers’ houses to steal.

Police continue to investigate the case, news agency private detective service in Vietnam.