Confession for bringing people illegally to Cambodia

Newsletter private detective in Vietnam – A man named Cao Sy Huy, 40, and his accomplices in Dong Nai brought about 50 people to Cambodia to work in the casino.

This person confessed to the authorities when he returned to Vietnam.

Huy is a suspect in the case of illegally sending people abroad, this person has been handed over to Dong Nai Provincial Police for investigation.

According to the investigation by the authorities, at the end of 2021, Huy crossed the border to Cambodia to work in a casino, then moved to work at Sao Do Company.

At this company, Huy was tasked by his Chinese boss to find people who wanted to find a job, and brought him to Cambodia to work with a monthly salary of $850.

In May and June, Huy returned to Vietnam, and along with his accomplices brought about 50 people illegally to Cambodia.

By July, many of Huy’s group were arrested by Dong Nai Provincial Police.

Police in Vietnam have dismantled many lines that send people to work illegally in Cambodia.

Cases continue to be investigated and clarified, private detectives in Vietnam