Falling man robbed bags of lottery sellers

49-year-old Vu Cao Hoang Linh saw a woman selling lottery tickets walking along the road, he pretended to buy lottery tickets and pulled out a menacing knife, he robbed this person’s bag, including 700,000 VND and left run.

Linh, who lives in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, brought a knife and motorbike to Phuoc Hoi Commune, Dat Do District to see 52-year-old Tran Thi Thu Thuy selling lottery tickets along the way pretending to ask for tickets.

Vietnamese Detective – He looked at the ticket and returned it and asked Ms. Thuy to bring the bag she was carrying.

Ms. Thuy tried to resist this person’s behavior, not stopping there, Linh pulled the bag, the other hand hooked the handbag strap. His actions caused both of them to bleed with knives.

The suspect on the escape route threw a bag at the cajuput garden along the road after searching for an amount of 700,000 VND.

Upon receiving the news, the police went on the pursuit of this person, on May 8, Linh was prosecuted and detained by Dat Do District police to investigate the act of asset robbery – detective service in Vietnam.

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