Hue City: The maid steals the owner’s money

Information provided from private detective and investigation agency in Hue city, Vietnam detective services.

The woman named Pham Thi Le, 29 years old, was arrested in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

This person worked in the master’s bedroom, stole a bag with $ 13,900 and a golden bracelet.

Private Detective Da Nang – Received the news, the police investigated and arrested this person.

Le was arrested by the Hue City Police while hiding in Da Nang, on March 18, 2023.

Reported to the investigating agency, 9 days before going to the master bedroom on the second floor.

This person saw a bag containing money and gold in a cardboard box.

Le took $13,900 and a gold shake, then fled to Da Nang city, Vietnam.

The total value of stolen property is over 300 million VND.

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