Karaoke bar owner protects drug users

Information on investigation of the case from authorities in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Huynh Bui Hau Anh is the owner of a karaoke bar, this person is accused of locking the door, turning off the lights, allowing guests to use drugs in 4 rooms.

Hau Anh, 29 years old, residing in Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city, was prosecuted and arrested by the Thanh Khe District Police, Da Nang.

This person was charged with “Having the illegal use of narcotics”.

Hau Anh is the manager of a karaoke bar on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang.

According to the investigation, around 0:00 on November 13, Hau Anh asked the staff to close the door and turn off the power outside to avoid the police detecting that the customer was using drugs inside.

The police suddenly checked this shop, there were nearly 70 people suspected of using drugs.

57 people tested positive for drugs, including 5 employees of the shop.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified, private detective service agency in Da Nang city: https://vietnamdetectives.com/da-nang