Man and woman arrested with guns & drugs

Information from the investigating agency, a man named Nguyen Minh Trung, 42 years old and a woman, were arrested.

The man carrying a gun along with the woman who transported a lot of drugs from Binh Duong to Binh Thuan was stopped by the police.

Trung (living in Dong Nai) and Ngo Thi Tuyet Nhung (living in Binh Duong) were criminally detained by Binh Thuan Police for the act of illegally transporting narcotics and illegally possessing military weapons.

Private detective – On the morning of January 28, the driver of a 7-seat car carrying Trung and Nhung on National Highway 1A, from Binh Duong to Binh Thuan.

This car was stopped by the drug crime investigation police of Binh Thuan Police.

The task force found 200 grams of Ketamine, 98 pills of ecstasy, a handgun and 20 bullets.

Nhung admitted that she and Trung hired a service car driver to transport them to Binh Thuan.

The above drugs are hers, and the weapon is Trung’s escort.

Searching Trung’s residence, police seized an additional gun and 10 bullets in the bedroom.

Binh Thuan police are expanding the investigation of this serious case.

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