Ninh Thuan: Young men robbed girls for money

A man named Sam Van Nhip, 27 years old, was taken into custody.

This person is accused of stopping cars, stealing money from girls on empty roads.

Tweezers was detained for robbery under Article 168 of the Penal code in Vietnam, Vietnamese detective.

According to the investigation, Nhip saw a 16-year-old girl riding a motorbike alone and stopped and searched the property.

The victim reacted, shouted, Tweezer threatened to kill. He took 150,000 VND and left.

Tweezers also performed the same behavior with another girl. Since the victim didn’t have any money, the robber didn’t get anything.

Ninh Hai district police investigated and identified Nhip as the culprit and arrested him.

The police agency continues to investigate and clarify the case, private detective in Vietnam.