Organizing prostitution on cruise in Quang Ninh

According to the authorities, the serious case was prosecuted on October 6, 2020, the subjects named Hung, Tran Van Giang, 33 years old, Hoang Ngoc Hai, 21 years old, these people have the same hometown Quang Ninh was prosecuted to investigate prostitution brokerage charges.

In this case, Hung was accused of leading, he instructed Giang and Hai to contact and transfer prostitutes and manage the collection of money from customers. To serve customers, Hung raised 15 girls aged 18-28 in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. When the customer needs, these people lead the girls to choose according to their needs.

Private detective service company Vietnam – Price from 10 to 15 million per guest if you want to tour a day and night on a cruise. The prostitute received 1.2 million dong. In addition, guests pay for rooms and meals on the cruise.

According to the previous plan, on September 7, 2020, the Criminal Police Department coordinated the Crew under the Traffic Police Department and Quang Ninh Police to inspect the administration of a yacht on Ha Long Bay. In 3 luxury rooms, the police caught 3 girls selling sex with customers buying sex.

Another working group found that three couples were buying and selling sex in the house Hung rented, the police agency is continuing to investigate and clarify the case.

Newsletter of detective services in Vietnam 2020.

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