Phu Le was prosecuted by the Hanoi police

Information from the authorities on the evening of August 9, 2020 confirmed that the investigation police agency, the Hanoi police, issued a decision to prosecute the case and hold criminal for two people, Le. Van Phu and Hoang Van Thuy were born in 1995, residing in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, Vietnam, to investigate the intentional injury that the group had previously caused.

In this case, Le Van Phu is identified as the mastermind and leader in directing the juniors to cause the assault on Tran Thi Đ’s mother and aunt. born in 1990, residing in Dan Phuong district, Phu, having conflicts with Mrs. Đ earlier.

Private detective – Also in the course of the incident, the criminal police department is also cooperating with the Criminal Police Department, the Ministry of Public Security to verify and summon many of Le Van Phu’s juniors to verify and clarify the case. This serious.

In addition to being investigated for intentionally causing injury, the Criminal Police Department also directed the Hanoi Police to further clarify the crime of disturbing public order against Le Van Phu and his wife La Thuy Kieu, born in 1985, Ha Nam hometown. Authorities are continuing to investigate to clarify the case.

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