Police raid bar with many drug users

According to the previous plan, the police force suddenly stormed into the Kosho bar in Bien Hoa City at nearly 1 a.m. on December 4, 2022, Vietnamese detectives.

Here, the police discovered that there were about 200 customers, many of whom were in a high state of drug addiction, and private detective Bien Hoa detective in Bien Hoa, Vietnam

Many customers tried to escape from the bar, but were stopped by the police.

There were many nylon bags containing white crystals, suspected to be narcotics. Police caught Tran Tin Phu, 33 years old, in possession of 2 packages of synthetic drugs; 5 ecstasy pills.

Phu brought drugs to the bar, into the toilet area to sell to guests in need.

Vietnam detective  agency – There are 14 people positive for drugs, including 3 bar staff.

The investigating agency is clarifying the behavior of some people involved in the incident.

Dong Nai Provincial Police have planned to eliminate illegal drug trading, storage and use points in the area.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, the private detective service company in Bien Hoa, Vietnam.