Scam money of job applicants in Da Nang

Information from authorities in Da Nang, Vietnam – The man named Van Huu Tuong, 35 years old, claims to have close relationships with many leaders in Da Nang city.

This person received money to run jobs and buy land from 8 people, this person appropriated an amount of nearly 3.8 billion VND.

The court in Da Nang sentenced Tuong to 12 years in prison for fraud and appropriation of property. The court also ordered the return of all the money to the victims.

Danang detective – Van Huu Tuong admitted the crime and asked for a reduced sentence so he could repay the victims.

Van Huu Tuong claimed to be a family member of Mr. Van Huu Chien (former President of Da Nang), in order to scam many people who needed to apply for a job.

The scams have been going on since 2014, after each payment, Chiang turned off his phone and fled the area.

The wife continues to have to pay the debt instead of about 850 million.

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