Seized 45,000 liters of waste oil in Nghe An

Information from authorities in Nghe An, Vietnam – About 45,000 liters of waste oil were discovered and stored in Nghia Trung commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province, Vietnam.

Vietnam Detective – This waste oil was seized by the police due to lack of valid papers.

Police raided an illegal waste oil recycling facility in Nghia Trung commune with an area of thousands of square meters.

Detected 20,000 liters of unrecycled waste oil; 25,000 liters of finished oil are prepared for consumption. All of these lubricants are undocumented.

The owner of the facility initially declared waste oil purchased at auto repair shops in Nghe An and surrounding areas.

From waste oil, this facility will process and sell to the market.

The case is under extensive investigation, private detective in Vietnam.

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