The girl who stole 3 gold trees in Ha Tinh

Information from authorities in Ha Tinh, Vietnam – The girl named Le Thi Xuyen, 24 years old, sneaked up the mezzanine to steal more than 3 gold trees from her aunt who was going to church, then this person hid it in the computer. wash.

This person was prosecuted by the Loc Ha District Police and banned from leaving the place of residence for the crime of Theft of property, according to article 173 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

Mrs. Tam, 46 years old, went to her sister’s house named Thuy in Long Hai village, Thach Kim commune to stay to go to church tomorrow morning.

Private detective – Mrs. Tam opened the bag containing a lot of gold to check, then brought it up to the mezzanine and stored it in the bedroom.

Xuyen (Mrs. Thuy’s daughter-in-law) on this occasion was building a house, temporarily staying at her mother-in-law’s family, and saw a bag of gold from afar.

On March 29, when she learned that Ms. Tam and Thuy were going to church, Xuyen snuck into the house to steal gold jewelry such as necklaces, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., and hide them in the washing machine.

After a few days, Xuyen was arrested from the victim’s report. The investigating agency determined that more than 3 trees of gold were stolen, worth nearly 200 million VND.

Because she was raising a small child, Xuyen was banned from leaving her place of residence.

Article compilation, detective service in Vietnam – The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified.

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