The girl who stole a motorbike at the motel

Information from the investigative agency in Hanoi, the 22-year-old girl named Trang claimed to have a conflict with Mr. K.

Trang asked Tuan to steal his SH motorbike, Hanoi detective.

Police in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, are holding criminal Do Thu Trang and Dinh Cong Tuan, both in Lao Cai to investigate property theft.

On February 17, the police received a report about a theft of a Honda SH motorbike at the motel, at lane 477 Kim Ma, Hanoi, Vietnam.

After entering the verification process, on February 19, the police arrested Dinh Cong Tuan, who directly stole the motorbike at the inn.

Continuing to expand the investigation, authorities arrested more Do Thu Trang.

Trang declared that there was a conflict with Mr. K, so he asked Tuan to steal his motorbike to take revenge.

The two fled back to Lao Cai, consuming this motorbike.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified, private detective Hanoi, Vietnam