To avoid the flood, the store lost 130 phones

Information from authorities in Da Nang, Vietnam – Da Nang police are investigating the loss of 130 phones on a historic rainy night in Da Nang on the night of October 14, 2022.

Police in Da Nang received a report from Ms. T. 28 years old, residing in Ngu Hanh Son district, about the loss of a large number of mobile phones

This number of properties at Dien May Xanh supermarket on Ton Duc Thang street.

On the evening of October 14, due to heavy rain, Ms. T and 6 employees of the supermarket cleaned up the store and collected all the electronics in the supermarket to preserve.

Private detective service company in Da Nang, Vietnam. Ms. T. has allowed 9 people to stay in the supermarket.

Danang detective agency – Ms. T. and 6 employees and 5 people moved to the second floor to rest, 4 people stayed on the ground floor.

The supermarket’s tempered glass door is locked, but the outside rolling door is not closed.

At dawn, when checking, the tempered glass doors in front of the supermarket were broken, the phone cases were lost.

Total value about 1.2 billion VND, private detective in Vietnam