Two tourists beat the guard of Huong Pagoda

Two young tourists named Vu Van Dai and Bui Duc An were reminded not to go in the opposite direction at Huong Pagoda, Hanoi.

Not only did they not listen, the two punched, kicked and beat the security guard at Huong Pagoda with wooden sticks, the investigative agency said.

Dai and An were criminally detained by the My Duc District Police, Hanoi to investigate acts of disturbing public order.

This person violates article 318 of the Penal Code in Vietnam, Hanoi detective.

The results of the investigation determined that, around 11 a.m. on February 11, 2023, Dai, from Hai Phong, went to the Perfume Pagoda festival.

Dai saw a lot of people so he climbed across the street in the opposite direction to go faster.

Being guarded by Tran Van Hoang, 20 years old, on the task of channeling, reminded not to go in the opposite direction, causing traffic jams.

Dai did not comply, arguing with the guard.

Dai punched Mr. Hoang in the face, and An used a wooden stick to chase the male guard.

Dai and An were controlled by the police of Huong Tich cave station shortly after.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, private detective in Vietnam