Using fake guns to rob in Ho Chi Minh city

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City – Vuong Van Danh, 36 years old, used a fake gun to rob property. Then he applied to rehab to hide.

After the incident, Ho Chi Minh City police focused on investigating and searching.

On June 29, 2022, Danh was escorted from the Binh Duong rehabilitation center to the Binh Chanh District Police, Ho Chi Minh City, for the agency to clarify the robbery.

Ho Chi Minh detective – Danh told the police, because he needed money to spend, he intended to rob property.

Realizing his intention, he bought a fake gun for 40,000 VND, picked up the knife on the road.

Danh arrived in front of Ms. Thuy’s house, 38 years old, in Binh Hung commune, Danh saw the door open, so he looked and went in.

Danh attacked the woman and then took 10 rings, rings, and money from the victim and then fled the scene.

He sold the gold for 13 million dong, then went to the rehab center in Thuan An city, Binh Duong, registered to apply for drug rehab.

Vietnamese detectives – After investigation, the police arrested him, the case continues to be investigated and clarified, Vietnam detective service agency 2022.