Woman beaten by ex-husband in Hanoi

Information from authorities in Hanoi, Vietnam – The police of Xuan Tao ward, Hanoi, have received a complaint from a woman named H. 31 years old, from Thanh Hoa.

Ms. H.’s family said that Ms. H. and her ex-husband named T. had just been divorced for a few months in Thanh Hoa.

Thanh Hoa detective – After the divorce, Ms. H. went to Hanoi to work.

Around 9pm on September 6, Mr. T. came to find Ms. H. in Bac Tu Liem district to talk.

There was a conflict between Ms. H. and Mr. T.

A man named T. beat his ex-wife. T. also dragged Ms. H. into the car and continued to beat the victim.

Ms. H. said that she was assaulted throughout the night of September 6, 2022 until dawn the next morning, and was starved and not allowed to go to the toilet.

The family reported to the police of Xuan Tao ward, Hanoi about the disappearance of Ms.

On the morning of September 7, 2022, the victim was taken to a motel in Hoa Binh and continued to be beaten and threatened.

The victim reported being beaten by her ex-husband after he read the messages on her phone.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified by the police, private detective service in Hanoi, Vietnam. Visit our service at https://vietnamdetectives.com/ha-noi