Young people steal money on Christmas Eve

A man named Duong Duc Dung, accused by the authorities of taking advantage of Christmas Eve, broke into the house and took away 120 million VND.

Dung, 39 years old, residing in Tan Lam Huong commune, was held in criminal custody by the Thach Ha district police.

This person was detained to investigate the crime of property theft, according to article 173 of the penal code in Vietnam.

According to the investigation, on the evening of December 24, 2022, Dung sneaked into his wife’s house and stole 120 million VND.

The owner discovered that the money had been stolen, so he reported it to the Thach Ha District Police.

In the investigation, after a few hours, the police found the culprit as Dung.

Dung confessed to stealing money, private detective in Vietnam