2 people steal money from tourists in Hoi An

Information from the police agency of Hoi An City, Vietnam. The police have investigated the case of a foreign female tourist who was stolen money by two motorbike taxi drivers in Hoi An.

Hoi An City Police received information from Ms. Shiri Sade, about her being stolen by 2 motorbike taxi drivers.

After receiving the news, the police conducted an investigation, clarifying that the two people who carried Ms. Shiri Sade, Huynh Viet Thu (SN 1965) and Dinh Xuan Hieu.

Through the struggle, these two people confessed to stealing money from tourists.

Hieu and Thu each operated a motorbike running on Cua Dai Street, Hoi An City, when they discovered Shiri Sade was walking, so they invited them to take a motorbike taxi.

Ms. Sade agreed, Huynh Viet Thu drove Ms. Shiri Sade to the hotel, Hoi An detective.

This woman opened her wallet to get money to pay, but Dinh Xuan Hieu approached to talk to her.

Hieu and Thu cooperated to steal money from this female tourist.

The amount stolen in this case is 2 million.

Hoi An City police conducted a search of Dinh Xuan Hieu’s residence, seizing the amount of 2 million VND.

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