Arrest 4 people transporting drugs to Da Nang

Information from the investigative agency, the police of Da Nang city, Vietnam, private detectives in Danang Vietnam.

Authorities have arrested four people for selling illegal drugs, Vietnam detective.

In this case, the police seized more than 4,000 pills of synthetic drugs and 15 pills of opium.

To cover it up, the group of young people hid 4,000 drug pills in foam boxes containing fruit. Then, send the garage to transport from Hanoi to Da Nang.

The case was successfully investigated and dismantled by the Hai Chau district police, Da Nang city.

Police investigating drug crimes caught Nguyen Ba Hieu, Phan Dinh Cuong and Tran Dinh Ty in the act of buying and selling drugs and seized 15 tablets of opium.

The subjects claimed to have purchased goods from Hanoi and brought them to Da Nang to sell to Nguyen Thien Lam.

Da Nang detective – The scouts caught Nguyen Thien Lam in possession of more than 4,000 synthetic drugs.

The police agency is continuing to investigate this case, private detective in Da Nang city, Vietnam.