Arrest suspects to bring people to Germany illegally

Nguyen Minh Cam (55 years) agreed to take Vietnamese workers to Germany on a tourist visa with a cost of 1,000 USD each.

On November 18, Mr. Cam was prosecuted, arrested, and searched in Tran Phu ward (Ha Tinh city) on the basis of organizing, broking others to flee abroad, according to Article 349 of the Penal Code. 2015.

Vietnam detective service – According to the survey, having worked in Germany, Mr. Cam took in 2019 people to work illegally by making a tourist visa to enter Azerbaijan, then to a European country before entering Germany.

According to authorities, Mr. Cam has not brought any workers to Germany. A few people who arrived in Azerbaijan were discovered and deported by local authorities. From accusations from the victims, Mr. Cam was arrested.

The process of investigating 10 families in the locality reporting a missing child on the way to England from October 25, Ha Tinh Police prosecuted, arrested two people on charges of organizing and broking others to flee the country. illegally, or illegally staying abroad.

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