Investigate the incident of bringing people to the UK illegally

In the afternoon of October 28, Colonel Nguyen Tien Nam (Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Police Department) said that although the data collection and clues are difficult, the investigating agency will work objectively and dissect each issue.

“When there are sufficient grounds, the authorities will prosecute the case,” Colonel Nam said.

Ha Tinh police has never discovered the line that took refugees to Europe operating locally.

On October 27, the Ministry of Public Security sent people to coordinate with Ha Tinh Police to take the DNA of many parents who reported missing children to send to the United Kingdom, for verification of the list of 39 bodies in The container was discovered on October 23 or not.

“Most of them are coordinating, some households have their own difficulties so they cannot provide complete information.

Currently, I think that it is necessary to wait for the British authorities to announce it to be able to verify in 39 bodies of Vietnamese people.” no “, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Police said.

Ha Tinh has 10 confirmed cases of family members missing children in the UK.

They come from Thien Loc, Vinh Loc, Nghen town (Can Loc district), Dau Lieu ward (Hong Linh town) and Cuong Gian commune (Nghi Xuan district).

In the afternoon of October 28, in Nghe An, Colonel Le Khac Thuyet (Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security Department) said that the unit is focusing its forces to investigate whether or not the line carries people to Europe illegally.

Currently 14 families have reported having lost relatives in Europe and the UK.