Carry 6 guns when buying and selling drugs

Information from the police agency of Keng Du commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An, Vietnam.

This agency, together with the Ky Son district police force and the Keng Du Border Guard station, arrested Luong Me Dau residing in Ky Son district.

At noon on May 27, 2022, the police received news about Luong Me Da’s act of illegally buying and selling drugs in Keng Du commune.

The police arrested a woman named Luong Me Thach.

At the scene, the police confiscated many synthetic drugs. This person also kept 6 homemade guns.

The police force of Keng Du commune arrested and made a dossier to send 5 drug addicts to a rehabilitation facility in Ky Son district.

The commune police also seized four homemade firearms at the house of these subjects.

The case is still being investigated and clarified – private detective in Vietnam

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