Young man stealing at a gold shop in QN

Information from authorities in Vietnam – Quang Nam Provincial Police issued a decision to arrest Tran Nhat Minh for property theft.

Danang detective service – Police solved the case a week after the subject committed a robbery at a gold shop in Que Son district.

On May 23, the police agency received a report about Mr. S’s family breaking into Son Trang gold shop, stealing gold worth about one billion dong.

Quang Nam Provincial Police quickly coordinated with investigative units to track down the subjects involved.

Criminal police investigated, discovered and detained Tran Nhat Minh while the subject was hiding at a motel in Da Nang City.

Minh confessed to stealing property at the gold shop.

Currently, the police are holding the subject and many related exhibits for investigation and handling according to the law in Vietnam – Detective in Vietnam 2022.

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