Taking mother-in-law hostage in Kien Giang

Information from authorities in Kien Giang, Vietnam – A man named Nguyen Van Vuong, 32, fired several shots, held his mother-in-law hostage, forcing him to call his daughter to return to him.

Vuong was arrested and detained by the Go Quao District Police, Kien Giang, Vietnam.

During the initial investigation, Vuong, his wife and two children lived in Ho Chi Minh City. Due to a conflict, his wife and two children returned to Bac Lieu to stay with relatives and filed for divorce.

Private detective – Vuong had an intention to control his mother-in-law, forcing her to point out where his wife and children live.

He bought the shotgun and 16 bullets. Draw a gun and shoot multiple shots. Vuong forced the victim to call his wife to return, or else he would shoot him dead.

An officer was shot and wounded by Vuong while rescuing the victim.

He continued to resist, the victim escaped from Vuong, then he surrendered to the authorities – Vietnam detective.

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