Hiding cannabis in a tea box in HCM city

Legal newsletter from a private detective service company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A young man named Tran Nhat Vinh, 29 years old, buys marijuana in Dak Lak.

After that, he hid it in packages of weight loss tea and sold it in Saigon and other provinces.

Vinh, Sang and Thai were detained by the Tan Binh District Police for the act of illegally buying and selling drugs.

Tan Binh district police check Vinh’s house on Nguyen Hong Dao street, Ho Chi Minh detective.

Here, the police discovered more than 12 kg of dried cannabis leaves.

Searching a related house, police seized another 7 bags containing 20 kg of cannabis leaves.

At the investigation agency, Vinh knew a man named Nang.

This person provides marijuana for Vinh to process and sell to customers in need.

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