Young man stole the motorbike of innkeeper

According to investigative information from police in Binh Duong and Tien Giang, Vietnam, the case of motorbike theft.

Police search for a motorbike related to the incident in My Tho City, Vietnam.

The owner of the motel who lost her SH Mod branded motorbike is Mrs. C., living in Tien Giang.

On the morning of May 11, a young man came to Mrs. C’s house to rent an inn.

Mrs. C took this person’s motorbike to see the house, Binh Duong detective.

The guy took the motorbike and escaped shortly after.

Following the location, the police found the motorbike in the parking lot in Thuan An City Medical Center, Binh Duong.

In the trunk of the motorbike, there are 2 iPhone brand cell phones.

The working group then handed over the motorbike and 2 phones to the Lai Thieu Ward Police.

Authorities are still investigating and expanding the case.

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