Young men and women using drugs in Da Nang

According to information from the authorities in Da Nang, on May 7, Thanh Khe District Police in Da Nang Vietnam announced the incident including 5 young men and 7 girls who all had a positive reaction to drugs.

Detective in Da Nang – This group of people rented a hotel in Xuan Ha ward and discovered by the interdisciplinary patrol force 8394 gathered to use drugs. At the scene, the functional forces collected 4 ecstasy pills, two packages of ketamine, a laughing gas bottle, and a set of speakers.

At the police station, 12 people admitted using drugs after drinking. A young man named Tran Huu Phat, 18 years old, residing in Hoi An City, Quang Nam, received everyone’s money and bought drugs to use. The case is continuing to be clarified by the investigating authorities.

Hoi An detective service – 2021.

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